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Projects & Colleaguery

Initial Client Reactions

The time window between initial design delivery and client reaction can be tense for me. Thankfully I often receive comments like these:

  • The page looks FANTASTIC!!! I'm so impressed and relieved. Lets def talk tomorrow or Weds and go through everything in detail. I'm so happy...Thanks! - Beth
  • First impression: AWESOME! Slick, professional, simple but with high-end design elements. Well done. Let's build this suckah... - DSon
  • Yo Aaron this is FANTASTIC! Please call me ASAP. - Alex
  • I love where you are going with this! The front page is just along the lines I had in mind. I think you do an outstanding job of combining design, simplicity, warmth, and function. I like very much the photo you chose. I really like the curves you introduced that both remind one of the data we track and point the eye towards the tabs for seeking more information. I like the way the logo goes with the everything else. And I like very much how things have been aligned. I also really like the logo and agree we should go with the middle one. Thanks!! - Saul
  • These are awesome and client loved them. Thanks again for your great work!- Chip
  • We told you in person, but just wanted to let you know again that the design is awesome. Well done!- David

"Professionalism begets colleaguery, that spirit of mutual support and collective identity that contributes so potently to creative exchange and the sense of progress. It's my responsibility to engender this spirit by setting an amiable, stimulating, creative and professional example." - Yuri Rasovsky

Recent Projects

expand / collapseOne Summer Chicago
One Summer Chicago 01 One Summer Chicago 02 One Summer Chicago 03
expand / collapseChicago2011.org - Rahm Emanuel Transition Team
Chicago2011.org 01 Chicago2011.org 02 Chicago2011.org 03 Chicago2011.org 04
expand / collapseExcelerate Labs
Excelerate Labs 01 Excelerate Labs 02
expand / collapseBusy Beaver Button Co.
Busybeaver 02 Busybeaver 01
expand / collapseGoGirlzzz
Gogirlzzz 03 Gogirlzzz 01 Gogirlzzz 02
expand / collapseThe 95th - Iron Men of Metz
95th 01
expand / collapseORDcamp, ORDsessions, ORDcompanies
Ordcamp 01 Ordcamp 02
expand / collapseOverEasy Cafe Chicago
Overeasycafe 01
expand / collapseAwesome Updater
Awesome Updater 01 Awesome Updater 02 Awesome Updater 03
expand / collapseBabyCow Clothing
Babycow Clothing 01 Babycow Clothing 02 Babycow Clothing 03
expand / collapseLife in Perpetual Beta
lifeinperpetualbeta 01 lifeinperpetualbeta 02
expand / collapseI3PI
I3pi 01 I3pi 02 I3pi 03
expand / collapseCommuting.in
Commuting In 01 Commuting In 02
expand / collapseHejfina
Hejfina 01 Hejfina 02
expand / collapseExcla.im
Exclaim 01 Exclaim 02 Exclaim 04 Exclaim 03
expand / collapseKim Ficaro
Kimficaro 01
expand / collapseLissa on Maxwell
Lissa 01 Lissa 02
expand / collapseLyon Lifestyle
Lyon Lifestyle 01
expand / collapsemk2 development
Mk2 Develepment 01 Mk2 Develepment 02 Mk2 Develepment 04 Mk2 Develepment 03
expand / collapseAaron Goldstein Attorney at Law
Not Guilty In Chicago 01 Not Guilty In Chicago 02
expand / collapseWhite-Starr
White Starr 01 White Starr 02

People will talk...

  • "[Aaron's] work is creative, original and his ability to work within a tight deadline is incredible." - Rick H.
  • "Aaron is one of the best, if not the best, creative person I've ever worked with. He has an eye for style and flare, and the design skills to incorporate those into his graphic design projects. He also has a great understanding of the technical requirements of a project which he incorporates into his interface designs. Aaron always has a positive attitude and all clients and co-workers of Aaron's enjoy working with him immensely." - Derrick P.
  • "[Aaron] was efficient, detail-oriented, responsive to our needs, and easy to work with." - Alan S.
  • "Aaron is an outstanding designer and a fantastic person to work with. His passion for design and motivation for creating excellent work inspires and energizes his colleagues to do the same. His design-sophistication and thorough work ethic make him an invaluable asset to any design team. Undoubtedly, my skills have benefited greatly from working along side Aaron." - Matt L.
  • "I had the chance to work with Aaron on a project that had an extremely tall order. Aaron quickly picked up on what we needed to do, and with very direction, finished everything above par. He helped us out tremendously, and without his quick coding skills, we wouldn't have finished in time. The project was a success, and the client was very pleased." - Derek E.
  • "Aaron produces quality work and is a pleasure to work with." - Tim S.
  • "Aaron is a great designer, and a committed employee. He is always willing to go the extra mile and cares deeply about the quality of his work. Aside from all this he is a very enjoyable person to be around, making for an extremely valuable asset to any team." - Justin M.
  • "Aaron is successful in anything he sets his mind to. His true entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire for social responsibility motivates those he comes into contact with. He has an expert grasp of what makes a successful website from UI to back end programming as he is equally comfortable in all environments. Aaron constantly demonstrates a thorough knowledge of design, from typography to images to layout. His honest and friendly approach to management earns him the respect of those who work with him as well as those he works for." - Scott S.
  • "Aaron is a great friend and makes the internet pretty." - Dylan R.
  • "Best. Logo. Ever." - TJ.
  • Aaron, really f%*king great job. In a time of great need you performed awesomely. Thanks so much... all looks great and (the client) is happy. - Seb.
  • It was like watching a magician at work with the tickets flowing in last night! You are awesome. - Marc.
  • "...it seems like every time I see a nice web design come out of Chicago your name is on it." - Josh.
  • "Aaron is a jerk." - A google search that showed up on my analytics.